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Amenity LED Light

Amenity Light

The Amenity Light is a large area LED lantern, perfect for car parks and general amenity areas. By utilising a quartered design there is an option for full and half displays, allowing greater flexibility for a specific area. Offering an even light distribution a single fitting can illuminate up to 32m² at greater than 20 Lux avg (full display). Each high output Cree LED is individually controlled using a lens designed to accurately direct light output to the desired location, ensuring a uniform light distribution across multiple fittings in a common area.

Amenity Light

  • Suitable for 8m and 10m mounting heights
  • The fitting is compatible with DALI and LeafNut, and can be used for both new projects and replacement works
  • Integral Driver
  • Sealed to IP65
  • Operating Temperatures -20°C to +30°C
  • Power Consumption – 250W
  • 5 Year Warranty
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