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Ironside – The Latest In a Series Of Rugged LED Light fittings

Specialist LED lighting company, SH Lighting Ltd, have launched a new range of rugged multi-purpose, high efficiency LED luminaires.

Designed for zero maintenance, The sturdy Ironside series has been purposely manufactured, specifically to be installed across a wide range of arduous applications. The Ironside features a rugged aluminium enclosure with polycarbonate lens and is sealed to IP65 .These incredibly robust LED luminaires are fitted with water proof connectors (IP68) for ease of installation, and offers the end-user an impressive energy saving of approximately 30% when compared with similar fluorescent versions.

The IRONSIDE range is also environmentally friendly; as they contain no hazardous materials like mercury, therefore presenting no disposal costs. The Ironside LED’s also illuminate instantly, with no delay in cold temperatures. The company has launched the series with two options available, the first with integrated LED modules, that require no maintenance – this design gives best light output and efficiency.( 50 000 hrs life â?? 70% lumen maintenance). The second version is fitted with replaceable LED tubes, which offers the end-user even lower costs and allows for the easy replacement of light sources in the event of any serious damage. Offering over 35 000 hrs life, this version is also future proof as LED tubes can be replaced with improved version as LED technology advances.

Both options are available in two sizes, 2ft (600mm) or 4ft (1200mm) and are considered ideal for all indoor and outdoor applications in Factories, Warehouses, Industrial sites, Schools, Hospitals, Railway platforms, Underpasses, Subways, Cold rooms and many other demanding environments where traditional fittings would not survive, or need regular monitoring and maintenance.Ironside – The Very Latest In a Series Of Rugged LED Light fittings

600mm version is equivalent to a 2×18 watt fluorescent fitting. The 1200mm version is equivalent to a 2 x36 watt fluorescent fitting.